25 to 28 July 2024 - We love to see you again!

Grüß Gott and welcome to the
Euro Masters Regatta
2024 in Munich

After the Euro Masters Regatta 2023 is before the Euro Masters Regatta 2024! This year we are offering you some exciting new features.

Critical info for 2024

Regatta Details

In the regatta details, you'll find all important information about the regatta, the race schedule and the general conditions.

Important dates

Here we have summarized all important dates until the regatta.

Masters Single Trophy

Here we describe the proceedings of the Masters Single Trophy “Jutta Deuschl" and what you have to do to participate.

Traffic Rules

Here you find the traffic rules for training and racing.

Masters Single Trophy “Jutta Deuschl”

The Trophy was named in honor of the former vice president of Regatta München e.V. and German national team rower Jutta Deuschl. Jutta was a founding board member of Regatta München and a passionate and ambitious Masters rower. She has been instrumental in shaping the new format of the Euro Masters Regatta. Jutta died of cancer in January 2021 at the age of 47. The Regatta Association subsequently dedicated the existing Masters Single Trophy to Jutta’s memory. It is held annually in the single sculls in all age groups for both men and women.

“It was a special affair of the heart for us to remember Jutta as a human, as a passionate rower and as a founding member of our regatta association and thus to thank her for her comprehensive commitment. Seven years together we have been able to create great moments and awesome regattas.”

Current posts

Programme, Entry Results & Draw

Timetables Entry results including draw Please check the entry results for discrepancies, duplicate entries or missing entries. We have not removed paid duplicate entries. In

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Medical study for Masters as part of the regatta

Would you like to stay healthy during the Euro Masters Regatta in Munich? The Klinikum rechts der Isar at the Technical University of Munich is carrying out an exciting project in collaboration with Regatta München with the aim of preventing or minimising serious health incidents that may occur during the event. By answering a short questionnaire, you can help the research team to increase safety for all participants. Your data will also be used anonymously for scientific analyses and publications. Ready for the first step? Fill in the questionnaire now!

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Masters row against cancer

As you all know, we have been organising the Masters Single Trophy “Jutta Deuschl” at every Euro Masters Regatta since 2021 in memory of our

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The regatta course will be open for official training on Wednesday, July 24, 2024 from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. The water rescue service is

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Hotel suggestions

We are happy to recommend the following hotels in the vicinity of the regatta venue. If you decide on one of the hotels, you are

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Traffic Rules

Here are the traffic rules for the 2024 Euro Masters Regatta for both racing and training.

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Euro Masters Regatta

Since 1998, the Olympic Regatta Association Munich as the Predecessor of Regatta Munich has organized the Euro Masters Regatta at the Olympic regatta centre in Oberschleissheim. Until 2014, the highly successful event was held only every four years as an alternative to overseas World Masters regattas.

Starting in 2014, Regatta München further expanded the format for you and subsequently introduced the “Masters Single Trophy” as well as its own lightweight races for single scullers in all age groups. The regattas’ rotation was initially shortened to two years and from 2020 to one year due to their their popularity.

Since 2021, the Euro Masters Regatta went on tour and took place two years in a row in beautiful Bled in Slovenia, best remembered for the legendary World Masters Regatta in 2017. In 2023, the Euro Masters with regatta and a festival program took place again at the Olympic regatta centre in Munich.

Euro Masters Regatta is a registered trademark and an event format owned by Regatta München. The regatta association works together with its partners throughout Europe to further develop this regatta format, the regatta experience and the special ambience for you. Together with you and the respective associations, we will explore ways to make the regatta even more attractive and to offer it in other regions in Europe closer to you.

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