Shuttle service

For the period of the 2023 Euro Masters Regatta we offer you a shuttle service that regularly connects the official team hotels, the most important S-Bahn and U-Bahn stops in the vicinity and the Olympic regatta centre.

You have two options to book the shuttle service.

  • Hotel packages booked and paid through us entitle you to use the shuttle buses for the period of the hotel booking.
  • The shuttle service can be booked at the price of 10 €/day or 40 € for all five days (each per person) separately to take advantage of the connections to the S-Bahn and U-Bahn as well as the towns of Dachau and Oberschleißheim or Unterschleißheim and Feldmoching. You can book via the online registration portal MAX from 01 April 2023.
  • Authorization is checked at each of the stops on the basis of the accreditation.

Notice: A shuttle service to and from Munich Airport (MUC) can be booked from April 2023 for a fee. In addition to individual shuttles, we also offer inexpensive group shuttles, where you will be transported to the hotel together, depending on your arrival time.

The shuttle service serves the following hotels:

  1. Atomis Hotel Dachau*
  2. Amedia Hotel & Suites Dachau*
  3. Abasto Hotel Dachau
  4. Abasto Hotel Munich Feldmoching
  5. Hotel Modi Dachau*
  6. Victor’s Residenz Hotel Munich Unterschleissheim

* Due to their location, these hotels are connected via a common bus stop, which is located at the bus stop by the Amedia Hotel!

The shuttle service also stops at the following public transportation stops:

  1. Feldmoching U- and S-Bahn
  2. Dachau S-Bahn
  3. Oberschleissheim S-Bahn

Schedule Shuttle Buses for Training Days

The buses will run on the training days according to the following schedules:

Schedule Shuttle Buses for Competition Days