Masters Single Trophy “Jutta Deuschl”

For the races marked with * in the announcement, the finals of the Masters Single Trophy will take place on the same day in the evening or on the following days.

Important: In order to participate in the Masters Single Trophy, the rowers must have already registered on MAX together with the entry for the corresponding single race also for participation in the Masters Single Trophy.


For the events of the Masters Single Trophy, the six fastest times from the heats of the corresponding events of the same age group will be seeded. The results in the respective lightweight events in the same age group will also be considered for qualification. If lightweights qualify for the Masters Single Trophy, they will not be weighed for the Trophy race.

Note: Rowers can only qualify for these finals in the event of their own age group.

The corresponding classification will take place two hours after the last heat of the respective race.

If a race consists of only up to seven participants, the preliminary race will be counted directly as the final race of the Masters Single Trophy and the final on the evening or the following day will be omitted.

Good to know: No entry fee will be charged for the final races of the Masters Single Trophy. This year, the award ceremony will again take place immediately after each race at the winners’ jetty.

Jutta Deuschl

The Trophy was named in honor of the former vice president of Regatta München e.V. and German national team rower Jutta Deuschl. Jutta was a founding board member of Regatta München e.V. and a passionate and ambitious Masters rower. She has been instrumental in shaping the new format of the Euro Masters Regatta. Jutta died of cancer in January 2021 at the age of 47.